We are an association of distinguished historic hotels and inns in South Tyrol. We are ambassadorsof timeless hospitality.

Grauer Bär

San Candido, South Tyrol

in the centre of San Candido, close to Tre Cime


from the late Gothic and Biedermeier periods to Modernity

Food & drink

gourmet restaurant & the best wine cellar in the area

Hosting since

1303, family-owned for ten generations (since 1745)

Characteristic features

oldest place of accommodation in the traditional municipality of San Candido

Once upon a time, a bear is said to have killed Saint Corbinian’s pack horse on a pilgrimage. Then, the myth goes, the bear was tamed by the saint himself and was then commanded to carry Corbinian’s belongings all the way to Rome. This grey bear is where the Orso Grigio got its name, for this San Candido inn has been an institution for all travellers in the Upper Puster Valley since that long-bygone era of pilgrims and merchants. Today still, the Orso Grigio skilfully enchants its guests with delicious cuisine, an excellent wine cellar and rooms in individually selectable styles of furnishing.

Inside the venerable walls, furniture and décor will take them on a journey through the history

not only of the building, but of elegance itself – 

from the Biedermeier era to country style and classical modernity up to new design as we know it.

‘The Bear’ and its wine cellar: places of comfort and culinary treats.

Grauer Bär
Via Peter Paul Rainer 2
39038 San Candido, South Tyrol
+39 0474 913115

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