We are an association of distinguished historic hotels and inns in South Tyrol. We are ambassadorsof timeless hospitality.

Gasthof Grüner Baum

Glorenza, South Tyrol

on the main square of Medieval town Glorenza


inn, built around 1500

Food & drink

excellent restaurant

Hosting since

family-owned since 1732

Characteristic features

renovated fin-de-siècle furniture, modern design elements

The medieval town of Glorenza with its unique, more than 500-year-old city wall is as small as it is charming. It was at the very same time as the city walls that the solemn walls of the Gruener Baum were built. The inn on Glorenza’s town square is full of history and rich with stories of generations of satisfied guests and pleasantly tired travellers—a cradle of hospitality, cultivated for centuries and gently modernised, where guests are sent on sophisticated, historically inspired journeys of the mind.

Within the historic walls of the inn

family-owned since first officially documented in 1732, the spirit of hospitality continues to live

accompanied by the entire place’s unparalleled feel.

Let your gaze wander from the roof-top terrace over the roofs of Glorenza, over the mountains and Val Venosta.

Guest court Grüner Baum
Piazza Città 7
39020 Glorenza, South Tyrol
+39 0473 831 206

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