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Hotel Andreas Hofer

Egna, South Tyrol

at the town centre of the village Egna in Bassa Atesina


four Venetian-style arcade houses from the 14th century

Food & drink

restaurant serving Tyrolean and Mediterranean food

Hosting since

1634, a hotel since 1994

Characteristic features

View over the roofs of Egna

Wanderers beneath pergolas will be delighted when, in the middle of the historic village centre of Egna in the Bassa Atesina district, the Hotel Andreas Hofer appears. No room looks like the other in those four neat, landmarked arbour houses with quaint edges and individually styled rims. The mouldings and murals, the historic furniture manufactured just around the corner in the area and the old, painted wooden doors all tell their own special story of life in times past.

Under the late 14th-century arches, one can still feel the brisk business life of the court scribes and farmers, of the merchants and craftsmen of the time.

Combined with the genial openness of this hotel and lovely restaurant named after Tyrolean folk hero Andreas Hofer

this sense of history merges into a timeless atmosphere of homely snugness.

Massive cross vaults give a sense of fortitude, grown over the centuries.

»Egna is a vibrant village. We try to preserve that because it adds to the quality of life.« 

Stefanie und Ingrid Tauber
Host at the Andreas Hofer

Hotel Andreas Hofer
Via Vecchie Fondamenta 21-23
39044 Egna, South Tyrol
+39 0471 812 653

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