We are an association of distinguished historic hotels and inns in South Tyrol. We are ambassadorsof timeless hospitality.

Hotel Pragser Wildsee

Braies, South Tyrol

on the lakeside of Lago di Braies, in the Dolomites


Art Nouveau

Food & drink

authentic pleasures meet South Tyrolean tradition

Hosting since

1899, always family-owned

Characteristic features

exclusive location, magical mountain views, a place rich in history

Blue shines the myth-enshrouded Lake Braies between the South Tyrolian mountains, lending it a mystical air that touches the human soul. This signature blue colour was first discovered by the Danube Monarchy’s aristocrats of the Fin de siècle period. The Hotel Lake Braies right by the lake, 1,496 meters above sea level, welcomes its guests like it used to welcome the nobility back in the day—showing the same courteous hospitality handed down in this family’s generations for more than 120 years.

Strolling through the historic, though gently modernised rooms with their impressive panoramic view

visitors get a sense of how this power place amidst the Dolomites

has enchanted its guests for generations — with no end in sight.

Rooms with a view—a view over the lake. And the atmosphere of a classy lodge of yesteryear.

»People will often say to me: ‘Everything is always the same here.’ That’s when I know that I have done something right.« 

Caroline Heiss
Hostess at the Hotel Pragser Wildsee
A conversation with
Caroline Heiss on her great-great-grandmother Emma Hellenstainer, turn-of-the-century grand hotel architecture and why it can be absolute perfection when everything remains the same.

Hotel Pragser Wildsee
San Vito 27
39030 Braies, South Tyrol
+39 0474 748 602

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