We are an association of distinguished historic hotels and inns in South Tyrol. We are ambassadorsof timeless hospitality.

Hotel Westend

Merano, South Tyrol

on Passeggiata Lungo Passirio in the spa town of Merano


Art Nouveau villa by Pietro Delugan (1896)

Food & drink

breakfast served in the garden, dinner in the dining hall

Hosting since


Characteristic features

original furniture from J. & J. Herrmann’s, Vienna (est. 1878)

It is as if time had decided to stop for a good hundred years: In the tall rooms of Hotel Westend on Merano’s Passer Promenade, one feels the tranquil pulse of a bygone era. Since architect Pietro Delugan had the Art-Noveau mansion built in 1890, it has been the perfect place to live a life of taste. Antique hardwood floors carry an interior in part still original, including pieces by renowned furniture manufacturer J & J Herrmann (established in Vienna in 1878).

As guest enjoy their breakfasting under palms in the generous garden, they will find the world calm and suddenly easy to manage.

Listening to the quiet murmurs of the river Passer in the background, there comes that unmistakable notion

that one could well be sitting here at Hotel Westend enjoying existence itself for the next hundred years.

A gate into a time long gone, a piece of Old Merano: that’s the Hotel Westend.

Hotel Westend
Via Speckbacher 9
39012 Merano, South Tyrol
+39 0473 447 654

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