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Ansitz Zum Löwen

Burgusio, South Tyrol

in the small village of Burgusio in Val Venosta


from Gothic & Renaissance to Modernity

Food & drink

3-star restaurant

Hosting since

centuries ago, family-owned since 1871

Characteristic features

a symbiosis of historic structure and modern architecture

Gently embedded between modern wood panelling, glass and béton brut, the Mansion zum Löwen in the village of Burgusio in the Upper Venosta Valley opens a window into an 800-year-old past. Each of the nine unique suites in the landmarked building complex tells mystic stories of life and laughter in a Gothic farmhouse, of chatting and cheating in the Chur prince-bishops’ merchant house, and of flings and fights in the former barn.

Following a classy bath in an old smokehouse

guests may enjoy the pleasures of life in the neighbouring village café or the multiple-prize-winning gourmet restaurant

which make the Mansion zum Löwen the vibrant centre of village life to date.

Avant-garde: a well-made fusion of then and now.

»What we accepted was a kind of symbiosis where both the old and the new find their space.« 

Mara Theiner
Hostess at the Ansitz zum Löwen
A conversation with Mara Theiner of the Ansitz zum Löwen
talks about the three most important words in South Tyrolean architecture-and how bathrobe selfies at the village well brought Burgusio back to life.

Mansion Zum Löwen
Burgusio 82
39024 Burgusio/Malles, South Tyrol
+39 0473 831 307

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