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Suite and Breakfast Ottmanngut

Merano, South Tyrol

on Via Giuseppe Verdi, in the city of Merano


reform architecture, nobility residence style

Food & drink

breakfast is served in three courses

Hosting since


Characteristic features

Mediterranean garden with palm trees, cypresses, and an orangery

Time appears to be relative at the Ottmanngut in Merano. In between palm trees, citrus fruits, and cypresses, the noises of life will fade, and your eyes will focus on what really matters. This slice of Old Merano effortlessly unites 700 years of colourful history in the here and now. It is a place to take one’s time—time for this family guesthouse with a living tradition and for breakfast in a Mediterranean garden served at your table in three courses since 2014.

One will be touched, but never bothered by the Ottmanngut’s atmosphere.

Guests sleep well and peacefully in one of only eleven rooms, each individually furnished with a hand for style, Biedermeier furniture, and the unwavering confidence of old-school grandeur.

An inn for epicures, explorers, and anyone who appreciates quality.

The garden at Ottmanngut: a place of diversity, a place of peace. A place to dwell and relax.

»Ein Frühstück für Neugierige aus regionalen uns saisonalen Produkten in diversen Gängen am Tisch serviert.« 

Martin Kirchlechner
Gastgeber im Ottmangut
A conversation with Martin Kirchlechner
in the centre of Merano, in the garden of the estate about Momo, turtles, the Golden Twenties and the perks of walking backwards. An oasis in the city, where time becomes a blur.

Ottmangut Suites and Breakfast
Via G. Verdi 18
39012 Merano, South Tyrol
+39 0473 449 656

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