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on the bank of the river Adige near Lagundo



fortress-like 13th-century farmstead

Food & drink

breakfast on the terrace overlooking a park-like scenery

Hosting since


Characteristic features

close collaboration with local artists and architects

Amidst a scenic paradise, on an ancient Roman footbridge crossing the river Adige near Lagundo, there towers what is now called the Pünthof.

The unique ensemble was first built in the 13th century and has been maintained and run by the Wolf family with a fine sense of art and architecture since 1633.

Its copious garden allows a great variety of perspectives onto the fortress-like Ansitz architecture, creating the impression of standing in front of composed still lifes¾an inspiring backdrop for artists, a place of contemplation and leisure.

Ornamental wall paintings from the period around 1560 showcase the appreciation of art the owners have nurtured for generations. Today, the Wolf family continue to forge creative links to their own historic heritage with ease.

A unique, original ensemble with a fine sense of art. The Pünthof, Lagundo.

Pünthof Mansion
Vai Steinach 25
39029 Lagundo, Alto Adige
+39 0473 679 131

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