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Val Senales

Val Senales, a few minutes away from the eponymous glacier



300+ years old log farmhouse

Food & drink

South Tyrolian guesthouse, Sunday roast from January to March

Hosting since

1900, family-owned since ca. 1880

Characteristic features

rustic parlours, first records of the farm around 1581

It must have been fate that led guests to stay in historic parlours in that in this more than 200 years old farmhouse in Val Senales, only a few minutes away from the eponymous glacier. Because it almost did not come to this; had great-great-grandfather Anton had his way, the Oberraindlhof would be a shoe factory today.

Val Senales used to be a stronghold of shoemaking-and home to the Raffeinerstube, a world-famous cobbler’s shop.

With more and more shoes imported from faraway countries, however, the family business slowed down. And so, Anton-the third by this name-and his wife Zita decided to rent out rooms to mountaineers from all over the world.


Since then, the Oberraindlhof has been both a starting point for alpine touring and a restful summer retreat. But not to worry, contrary to the saying, this shoemaker’s children do not go barefoot. Beautiful footwear is still appreciated at the Oberraindlhof.

This shoemaker’s children do not go barefoot: the Oberraindlhof

Hotel Oberraindlhof
Raindl 49
39029 Val Senales, Alto Adige
+39 0473 679 131

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