We are an association of distinguished historic hotels and inns in South Tyrol. We are ambassadorsof timeless hospitality.

Parkhotel Holzner

Soprabolzano, South Tyrol

on 1,200 metres, above Bolzano


Alpine Art Nouveau style and bergmeisterwolf architecture

Food & drink

half board with special treats and starred restaurant 1908

Hosting since

1908 (fourth generation)

Characteristic features

vastness, diversity, and the proximity of the Bolzano funicular

Up goes the hill over venturous serpentines or inside an elegantly floating cable car: 1,200 meters above sea level, the Parkhotel Holzner sits proudly above the South Tyrolian capitol, offering amazing views onto vast skies, woods and willows, lovely hills, and craggy mountaintops. A mere 15 minutes from downtown Bolzano, the 1908 building remains an Alpine refuge surrounded by crystal-clear air and age-old, giant trees.

For almost 120 years, the Holzner has been a place of modern genius and intense joy, where all generations may stop to take a couple of well-earned deep breaths.

Alpine Art-Noveau style meets the lucid layouts of contemporary architecture to host the finest culinary pleasures imaginable.

Here, any guest, be they old or young, is welcome to revel in the beauty of life with all their senses.

Pure and simple: the charm of alpine Art Nouveau, high above Bolzano.

»Our target audience is families as a whole, from the smallest kids to the grandparents. That’s what makes our hotel so charming: how lively it is.« 

Monika und Wolfgang Holzner
Hosts at the Parkhotel Holzner
A conversation with
Monika and Wolfgang Holzner about »promenading on the Altopiano del Renon, an epiphany at the Panhans Hotel south of Vienna, and Mitzi the treasure guardian.«

Parkhotel Holzner
Via del Paese 18
39054 Soprabolzano, South Tyrol
+39 0471 345 231

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