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Sares/San Lorenzo di Sebato

in the idyllic hamlet of Maria di Sales, right above the entrance to Val Badia


landmarked inn built in the 13th century

Food & drink

simple, organic, traditional South Tyrolian food

Hosting since

1587, family-run since 1887

Characteristic features

baroque pilgrimage church, original well, natural bathing pond

The idyllic hamlet of Maria di Sales exudes its own special magic, crowning a green meadow at 978 metres above sea level, just above the entrance to Val Badia. It’s no wonder a once popular little pilgrimage church was built at this power place in 1653, between meadows, forests and a bunch of farmsteads. Early visitors found their way to the area even before that: The Saalerwirt right next to the chapel started receiving visitors in 1587.

Today, the historic wine tavern is a refuge for body and mind.

Nature, craftmanship and tradition unite in the rooms, suites and the rest of the simple but excellent inn...

...to create something that has felt like home for generations.

The magic of pilgrimages past. Saalerwirt.

Saalen 4
39030 San Lorenzo di Sebato, South Tyrol
+39 0474 403 147


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